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Weekly Team Report - Lumberton SC Disaster Rebuild


Our team for this week is Max and Anne, Morris and Karen, Suzanne, and Mike and Susan.
When the plumbing is completed at Dora's home we will return and resume working on the flooring. Our team spent the entire week at Mary Elizabeth's home with the focus on the 4 rooms that will serve as living quarters for Mary Elizabeth's son and daughter in law.
The list of completed tasks include, installing 2 doors with knobs, painting and installing floor trim and window casings, building 2 steps for a lower level floor, completed painting of the bedroom walls in addition to the painting and installing of the bedroom window casing.  On Thursday the laminate flooring was installed in the bedroom, the floor trim still needs to be installed. In the sitting room the walls have been painted along with all of the windows painted and installed.
An exciting and fun event that happened this week on Wednesday was the Governor of North Carolina Roy Cooper paid a visit to Mary Elizabeth's home. Governor Cooper did a walk through of the home to understand the magnitude of the damage and the process that is necessary to repair, recover and rebuild.
During the press conference, on the front lawn, it was beautiful to hear the Governor acknowledge the volunteers working on this home and that they did so because of their strong faith and love. Governor Cooper also stated Robeson County was among the hardest hit area of the state, in addition to being one of the poorest counties in the state. In light of these facts, Governor Cooper committed over $200,000 additional funds for the United Methodist Disaster Rebuild Agency. Pretty awesome!!

Susan and Mike Katona, Team Leaders