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Disaster Rebuilding Week 3 NC June 23rd


Week 3, Disaster Rebuild Project, Lumberton, North Carolina
The team consisted of Ron and Becky, Mike, and Gary and Sharon.

The team spent this week at Mary Elizabeth’s home working on many different areas of rebuild.  We will be returning to Dora’s house as soon as the plumber finishes the plumbing work there.  Our building coordinator wants the plumbing work done before we install the laminate flooring.

We completed all of the sheet rock work this week and started on painting the rooms.  Our priority is to complete four rooms that Mary Elizabeth’s son and daughter-in-law will use as living quarters.  Their home was also flooded, but due to extensive electrical wiring damage, the power company will not turn power on until all of the electrical wiring is replaced.  They did not have flood insurance, so they are unable to make the repairs.  The North Carolina Conference of the United Methodist Church case workers approved Mary Elizabeth’s home for help, including the extra to help with the rebuilding of these extra rooms.  We completed three of these rooms this week, one being a bathroom.  New flooring was installed, doors hung, and painting completed.  There are still a few little things to finish, but the rooms are now livable.  The adjoining bedroom should be ready for the laminate floor to be installed later next week.

Another project that was completed at Mary Elizabeth’s was building a fireplace enclosure for a gas fireplace insert.  Mary Elizabeth had used the gas fireplace for heat during the winter, but due to the flooding the old enclosure had been destroyed.  The new enclosure is built of better materials and is much larger than the old one.  Mary Elizabeth spent a couple of days painting it a high gloss white and it looks great.

This week, Ron and Becky, and Sharon and I completed three weeks in Lumberton and are leaving to visit families and rest before moving on to more projects.  Mike will be staying to lead next week.  Max and Ann, Morris and Karen, and Suzanne will be joining Mike this weekend.
Please continue to pray for those in North Carolina who have been effected by the severe flooding caused by Hurricane Mathew.  Also, continue to pray for the NOMADS in Lumberton, the heat and humidity has been a real challenge for all of us.
Gary Hatcher