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Hosting Agencies Comment on their Teams


Some of our period 2 agency partners reported wonderful results with their teams:

"Excellent work ethic, multi-talented, and high energy group. All work done to high standards."

"This crew did terrific work, sometimes in difficult circumstances. They all worked well together and accomplished a lot."

"All work was exceptionally well done according to request and beyond our expectation. The work progressed systematically from a task plan set in place by the leader, who kept us informed of all material needs and kept the team members on task, but not hurried. Every NOMADS member took buy-in of the projects and did them as if they were in charge and doing the work for their own home. The team and team members were exceptional in every respect."

"The leaders did an excellent job organizing this project and the group was amazing."

"We were blessed! They invested not only their talent, hard work, time and money but their heart as they came to our bible studies, potluck and went above and beyond our expectations. They were knowledgeable, neat and thorough in all their work. If there was one wish left unmet is that we could bless them in the same way. We will keep them in our prayers and hope to see them come back next year. Team players, hard workers, considerate and kind. We got the best of the best!"

"The entire team worked very well together. they completed all of the projects that we had for them and we had to find more work for them to do. Our team leader did a very good job directing his team and communicated everyday with us. The work that they did looked professional and was done in a clean manner. We would be happy to have any and all of the NOMADS back again."

"This team was awesome. Each person worked so hard. They worked overtime when necessary. Each person took time to interact with members of the church. They completed our work in a timely basis. They participated in all our church activities including church and Bible study. I can call each of them friends."

"The entire Nomads team was very dedicated, conscientious, attentive to details and a pleasure to work with. Their overall performance was outstanding."

"This group was fantastic! They were hard, willing workers! Leaders were very organized and all worked together very well. They communicated well with coordinator and with those with whom they were working. They adjusted to all situations readily. They were friendly and pleasant with those for whom they worked in the community and with the Church family....they fit right in with everyone! They participated in several events that were offered by the Church. Their skills were adequate for the job listings that we had. Their visit was most enjoyable!"

"Outstanding! Very hard working, accomplished a major amount of what was to be done, and more than we expected!"

"The work was done very efficiently and with very much care and excellent quality. Our time and fellowship was great and we thank God for allowing us the opportunity to come to know the team members. They attended worship service on Sundays and our members provided a lunch meal for them Monday thru Thursday.We grew from this time spent with the NOMADS and are looking forward to meeting them again in the future. We hated to see them leave, not because of the work and service they offered but because of the relationships developed. To God be the glory! Thanks NOMAD TEAM."