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Agency Comments from Recent Projects


Our period 4 ended March 30th and our United Methodist hosting agencies (churches and other UM agencies who have NOMADS projects) had some great comments about their teams:

"Their work and participation were beyond what we expected. They are such gracious and wonderful people. We truly enjoyed their work and also the friendship."

"We are very grateful for all that this group accomplished. They completed more work than we expected and enabled us to check off some items that have been on our "to do" list for years now and just haven't had the manpower to tackle. They were challenged with extremely hot temperatures for part of the project and demonstrated how flexible they could be as the project evolved to accommodate the weather. Our team leaders were wonderful to work with as were the others in the group. As usual, working with the NOMADS was a blessed event and we look forward to continuing our collaboration with this truly amazing organization and the very special and dedicated people associated with it!"

"Their work was outstanding as always and they were always to do anything that we needed to have done."

"The most wonderful group of Godly people we've had the privilege to host. So kind and thoughtful,dedicated, hard working,willing to go an extra mile for the betterment of our Camp. Wish they lived closer to continue our friendships."

"Great team; everything completed; great ideas for future nomad projects."

"We had an amazing team of NOMADS this year. We had a full team and were able to get alot done and ready for our summer season."

"We are humbled and blessed by their servant attitudes, and their work ethic. Thanks be to God for period 4 team in 2018. We met daily with our devotionals, and we met with the Team Leader every Friday to update receipts and materials planning for the ensuing week."