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Team Oklahoma Weekly Report Apr 20th


We have completed another wonderful week here in Lawton, Oklahoma.  We started off the week with three new couples, Morris and Karen, Kevin and Lora, and Richard and Linda.  Jack and Barb are still with us. 

Sunday we all went to Hunting Horse United Methodist Church of the Oklahoma Indian Conference, for Easter Sunday.  We had a wonderful time celebrating the resurrection of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  Several of the songs were sung in Comanche and Kiowa.  The lead singer explained the songs to us after they finished.  These songs have been handed down from the ancestors of many years ago.

Sunday evening we gathered at the church to have our meeting with the new members of our team.  Much to our pleasant surprise, the pastor and his wife were having a 16th birthday for their great-granddaughter.  The pastor’s wife had invited everybody, including the NOMADS, to the gathering during the announcements in church that morning.  She speaks so softly that we did not hear her.  So, when we got there the pastor was so appreciative that we had shown up.  Well, we joined in the celebration.  The evening started with a short church service, and time to honor their great granddaughter.  Then the party started.  Great food, fellowship, and games.  This was one of the best birthday parties we had ever been too.  We delayed our meet and greet meeting until Monday morning during our devotion time.

After devotions on Monday morning we started working again on Tiffany’s house.  We had only the trim work to complete, installing a couple of doors, kitchen cabinets, and cleaning.  Tuesday we returned to Tiffany’s to clean up and finish a little trim work.  After lunch half of the team went to another project. 

We went about 20 miles outside of town to Anna’s house.  Anna had a lot of damage from the flooding to her mobile home.  The roof required resealing, all of the siding removed and new installed, windows removed and re-installed, painting new siding, removing damaged paneling and replacing with sheet rock, and a large area in a bedroom floor to be repaired.  By Thursday afternoon we had removed the old siding, installed new siding and trim, and put the first coat of paint on the siding.  We replaced all of the windows, but somehow we ended up with one extra window.  That is a story in itself, I’ll let you figure that one out.

We left Anna’s a little early Thursday afternoon so we could meet with Tiffany at her house so we give her her Bible and her keys back to her.  This was the first time that we had met Tiffany.  She was very grateful for the work that NOMADS, and the OK Disaster Response people, had done for her.  She had been out of her home for two years.  She should be moved back in within the next two weeks.

Kevin and Lora departed this week, they will be missed.  They were a great addition to our team.  The rest of the team will be here for the next week.

The Lord blessed all of this week in our work, play, and especially our worship.  He has blessed us in meeting Tiffany and Anna. 

In His Service,
Gary Hatcher