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Lawton, Oklahoma DR Weekly Report Apr 6th


Oklahoma Disaster Rebuild – Lawton, Oklahoma week ending April 6, 2017
This week the project moved from Elmore City to Lawton.  Ricci and Jane moved along with the project.  The rest of the team: Mark and Deb, Jack and Barb, and Sharon and I, arrived over the weekend.

We had a great Sunday morning going to church at our host church, Hunting Horse United Methodist Church of the Oklahoma Indian Mission Conference.  The congregation there made us feel very welcome.  We were invited to stay after church for lunch.  We were fed very well. 

On Sunday evening the group met back at the church for our first gathering to meet each other.  It is great getting to see old friends, and making new ones.

Monday morning we held our devotions and morning meeting outside of the RV’s.  The morning weather was just perfect.  The church was just a little far to drive to, then to the work site, so we decided to try the outside meeting.  After our devotions we drove to the work site where we met Hal, our project manager from the United Methodist Disaster Response Oklahoma office.  Hal went over the work we would be doing.  The house, home of Tiffany, had been damaged with 3 to 4 feet of water due to flooding in 2015.  Her house has been vacant since then.  After our walk-thru of the house we got to work.  The sheet rock on the lower parts of the wall had been replaced, but not taped.  The upper part of the walls had sheet rock that was of a different thickness, so we removed that to the studs, preparing it for new sheet rock.

In three and a half days, the team, along with the help of Hal who has worked along beside us the whole week, had removed the old sheet rock, hung and taped new sheet rock, textured the walls, and completely painted the house.

On Monday we will start putting down the new floor.  Looking forward to watching this team continue with their amazing ability to get the work done.

Gary and Sharon Hatcher