We are a ministry of the United Methodist Church

Why we do what we do


We have been working at Mr Steven's home for the last 2 weeks, the Armstrongs, Shumates and the Schmolls. Mr Stevens is 81, a retired Church of God pastor with bad eyesight, and has a hard time climbing stairs. He lives in a 2 story garage next to his house, that he has given to his children and grandchildren. He works for WALMART, Tuesday-Saturday to make ends meet. He is the SWEETEST man I have ever met. He is having a hard time with change and could not decide if he really wanted a new bathroom downstairs or keep the bathroom upstairs “where it always was”. We discussed the change, and he concluded he wanted it upstairs.   The next morning as we arrived for work we found this note (click on links below) requesting the bathroom be put downstairs with the upstairs being a half bath as we had suggested.
So, we are here to make his “garage home” safe, secure and live-able, for what ever time he has left before meeting Jesus face to face.
Gary and Gwen and the NOMADS team in Oklahoma