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Oklahoma Disaster Rebuilding Feb 17, 2017


Work is in Maysville 14 miles from Elmore City.
Our team, Max and Anne Armstrong, Gwen and I worked the week finishing a home for the Williams. Their home had been under reconstruction since October. There was three feet of water/mud in the home requiring total tear down inside. We arrived in the end of the rebuild. Our task was to finish Installing baseboard, door molding, closet shelves, bathroom shelves. We finished painting walls, ceilings and molding. Finally cut and installed ceramic tile in the bathroom. It was a great week for the four of us. The most awesome time was presenting the Williams the Bible. The homeowner husband said that in the beginning when he was told the repair would cost him not a dime he said, “NOTHING is Free! What is the catch?”  We told the homeowners that our gracious LORD provided for them. Everyone was crying. It was a very special moment.
Tomorrow we start at Mr. Stevens home. He is 81 and this is a total rebuild and we will be there 3-5 weeks. Please send your prayers our way.
Gary and Gwen