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Week 5 for Wimberley Rebuilders Nov 19


We hope you are all in good health this week as we prepare for Thanksgiving.  We all have so much to be thankful for!   We had some warm days this past week and were able to get a lot accomplished.

At Pete’s house we have finished the work we can do until permits and inspections have been completed.  Baseboard is up in two bedrooms and doors have been installed and door trim has been finished.  Over at Pam’s house we have finished tiling the family room, the largest room in the house, and the hallway.  Only two rooms left to tile—the living room and kitchen.   Monday the team was able to get the porch roof shored up with 4x4’s.  We thought it would be a whole day’s work, but we finished with job by noon!   Bushes were trimmed and more outside painting and caulking were done.  Ceiling fans and  the laundry room light are up and working!  More switch plates are up and the closets have their first coat of paint.  One fascia board has been fixed.  This house is moving along!   Hopefully, we will complete it before Christmas.  The tile cutter is fun to work on a hot day—it really spews out the water!  We had to have a new blade because we wore out the first one.  

May God bless you all and have a great Thanksgiving.  

Gene & Carolyn Freeman