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Agency Comments about their NOMADS Teams


From Period 13 Agency Evaluations, just a few of the many wonderful comments:

SIFAT “As always the quality and quantity of the work done by the NOMADS was outstanding.
First UMC T or C “This was an incredibly hard working team.”

Midwest Mission “The group was wonderful help….worked together very well….enjoyed numerous social and group activities together. It was a wonderful bonding experience for them as well as the staff at MMDC.”

Lake Junaluska “Very nice group, leaders were great, devotions were meaningful.  They worked hard and seem to enjoy each others company. We would love to have them back.”
And a few from Period 12 Agency Evaluations:

Ocean Park RC “The NOMADS did an excellent job. They were an energetic group and very easy going. Their work has been a huge blessing to the ministry of Ocean Park Camp & Retreat Center. We look forward to having more NOMADS in the future.”

Camp Wanake “They were easy to get along with and really shined with Christ's love in their interactions with each other and with our site staff.” 

Partners in Ministry “The Nomad team truly came with a servant's heart. They were very organized and patient with us even though our organization had to work through some kinks with this being our first Nomad team. The work that they did was top notch!”