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NOMADS doing our Lord's work


We received a note from one of our period 2 agency staffers, about their NOMADS team:

Wanted to tell you about one of the projects during period 2..

The home belongs to an older couple who had been without running water in their bathroom for 4 years..they were using the facilities in an old trailer that they have parked next door until the sewer line gave out and they were forced  to start using their bathroom again..the water came in via a hose thru the window..there had been extensive damage to the floor and the shower from the previous water problem..a lot of the tile in the shower had popped off because of the moisture..Three members of the NOMADS team took on the project..within a few hours on the first day they had found and fixed the water problem..THE COMMODE FLUSHED..the homeowners could not believe that people they did not know cared enough to help them..that was just the start of the bathroom transformation..rotted wood was replaced..a fiberglass shower was installed..The homeowner told me she now did not just have running water but the bathroom was beautiful in her eyes..she thanked God over and over for sending her "angels"to help them..some work was also done on the outside of the house.  Next year we hope to give her a kitchen because she cooks on a propane powered hot plate..no sink..no counters..no cabinets.This is just part of one story..there are many others..the difference Nomads make in people's lives is enormous..Thank God for the Nomad ministry..