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Agencies Evaluate their Teams


Our period 13 ended recently, and our hosting agencies had many wonderful comments about our teams:

"The work was excellent; all the NOMADS were great to work with; our leaders did a good job. We would gladly have any of these couples return!"  

"Excellent!!!!! We can never say enough about the work ethic, willingness, positive attitude and gentle spirit of our NOMAD groups."

"The Nomads exhibited extreme flexibility by adjusting their work schedule (working both Friday and Saturday) to make the most efficient use of rented equipment. As a result of much hard work, the project was finished on schedule, and the church has never looked better, or has ever been in better repair, in it's 110 years!"

"This was one of the best working groups we have ever had in our history. They worked extremely well together and personalities meshed well. Leaders were on top of all projects and made sure everyone was busy and safe. Jobs were done right the first time and we appreciate the expertise and willingness to do such a fine job. Our standards of excellence were definitely met by this group. They were such hard workers and so fast that I actually feared running out of projects (and money to spend on those projects!). The three weeks having them here were an absolute delight for me and my staff. We had alot of hang out time after work hours and eating out together. Such a fun group! They represented the NOMADS well." 

    "This team was a wonderful group of Christian people. Their skills were varied and they complemented each other well. The organization of the team leaders was      outstanding. The quality of the work was outstanding. The attitudes of the NOMADS was outstanding. We were blessed in many ways by their project here".

    "Excellent...wonderful team to have with us!"