We are a ministry of the United Methodist Church

Our agency partners love their NOMADS!


Our hosting agencies evaluate their projects and teams at the end of each project.  As always, we had some wonderful comments from them late in 2017:

"This lead couple demonstrated the highest commitment to a cooperative spirit for all the Nomads and for all staff and Board members. The spirit of Christ was evident in their attitude, work and cooperative spirit. The entire group accomplished more than our agency thought possible at the beginning."

"This was an excellent team with excellent leadership. Our leader was very organized and was conscientious regarding keeping the group engaged and busy. The rest of the group was hard working and the knowledge/skills base of the group was ideal."

"Outstanding team! Everything we mentioned could use help, they completed, and then some. Everyone seemed to work together great with complete participation."

"This group of NOMADS did an amazing job! They finished the planned projects in record time, and were eager to do additional projects throughout their time with us. They all participated fully during the work week and joined us for worship all three Sundays they were with us. We are very blessed to have had this group with us this time around."

"We are always grateful to have NOMADS around to help us tackle these big projects. This group worked diligently and interfaced gratefully with our year-round staff. The team leaders are gems!"

"Could not have asked for a better crew. If I was not at hand they looked for something to do until they found me to answer their questions. All were productive at all times. We couldn't be more pleased. GREAT crew."

"OUTSTAND!NG... AMAZING HELP!! VERY BLESSED TO HAVE THIS TEAM COME AND HELP US ACCOMPLISH SO MANY THINGS!! Everyone was busy working all the time with smiles on their faces. Energetic individuals with good knowledge of what they were doing. All were very willing to help out and do anything that was needed. GOT ALONG WELL WITH EACH OTHER. VERY EASY TO SPEAK TO AND WITH. I couldn't have asked for a better group of people to work on a project. Thank you all so very much!!. PLEASE COME AGAIN!!!"