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Hattiesburg Disaster Rebuilding - December 15, 2017


The last week of the season in Hattiesburg

It is hard to believe that we have finished the fall DR project in Hattiesburg.  We have met a lot of people and made friends in the area.  People at church have asked us to come back to visit them.   John has been so helpful and is at the house every day.  He surprised us by bringing pizza and pop for lunch today.  He is grateful for the help we have been able to give him.  His Baptist church is sponsoring this house and John and some of his friends from his church have been working on it.  As we left today, they were working on installing the counter.  They have all been a blessing to us..  

This week we said good bye to Morris and Karen Davis and were able to get to know a new NOMAD, Jerry Brandow.  Our team this week worked really hard to get the house along as far as we could.  All of the doors have been installed and many have doorknobs on them.   All of the doors have at least one coat of paint on them and the trim has been put in all of the rooms except for one bathroom.  Jerry and Phil worked cutting and installing the baseboard.  Gene, Kathy, and Carolyn have also been caulking the baseboards and filling nail holes with caulk.  We also have done touch up painting.  As many of you know, this is very time consuming.  The tile has been finished in the second bathroom and Gene and Donna were able to get about half of the tile around the tub put up.  The pocket door has caused John a lot of grief and Kathy and Carolyn have taped and finished the drywall for this door and have the drywall finished except for the final painting.  Paul, a member of a Catholic church in Hattiesburg, has been volunteering a few days every week and has been helpful with painting.  Gene, Phil, and Paul cut tile for the bathroom.  

Monday the homeowner, Miss Sherry, visited us and told us about her ordeal in the tornado.  She and her son were in her house when the tornado hit and found refuge in the bathroom.  The two of them, her dogs, and Bible survived the ordeal.  Thursday we presented her with a Bible since she will be in her home before the NOMADS return in the spring.  One of the women from Oak Grove UMC brought us a cake this morning and we were able to share this at the Bible presentation.   She is so happy with the progress on her home and is excited about getting her first dishwasher.   We all had some happy tears today.   We all felt blessed to get to work on her home.  

Last Thursday night to Friday afternoon Hattiesburg got 5” of snow.  In the backyard of a nearby home the family made a snowman that was about 9 feet tall.  The snow was a very good packing snow.  By Sunday most of the snow had melted.  Friday evening,  Kathy made chili for Jerry, Gene, and Carolyn.   The remainder of the team was out of town.  Saturday night we played Mexican train dominoes with Morris and Karen.  Donna and Phil returned on Sunday and we went to the cantata Sunday evening.  It was really well done.  The music was fantastic.  Wednesday night we enjoyed dinner at the church and Thursday we went to the local barbecue restaurant for our project celebration.  

May you all have a blessed Christmas.  

Gene & Carolyn Freeman