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Hattiesburg DR Weekly Report Dec 1, 2017


Monday morning we all went over to Miss Dorothy’s house.  The last NOMADS teams had it almost completed.   This week Les finished the trim, Gene and Carolyn fixed the bathtub, Karen, Sheila, and Carolyn painted doors and touched up paint, as well us caulked where needed.  Carolyn sealed the grout in the laundry room and kitchen.   A group of volunteers put up all of the drywall in the house before the NOMADS arrived.  Unfortunately, they did not put in an opening for one of the heating/cooling ducts.  It took Gene and Morris to find where it was and get the vent cover in place.  Going through the attic was a little bit tight.  Gene and Carolyn worked on the trim around the front door.  The biggest part of the work to do here was to finish the kitchen.  The remaining base cabinet and cabinet knobs/handles were installed as well as a countertop on this cabinet.  The large countertop is L-shaped and it took the entire team and Darrell (from the agency) to get it together and mounted.  Frank and Morris put up the cabinet above the range hood and wired and installed the range hood.  Frank took his turn in the attic to help with the wire for the range hood.  The end caps were ironed on the end of the counter and a breakfast bar was completed.  Gene, Les, and Frank worked on this job. Thursday it rained and the water poured over the steps.  Gene and Morris put up some guttering above the front porch which helped with this problem.  Morris put in the light on the back deck and the one on the front porch.   Sheila and Carolyn cleaned up the living room and got rid of waste materials.  Gene took left over supplies to the agency so that we could finish the clean up.  This morning we gave Miss Dorothy her Bible and told her the house would be done by the end of the day.   She and her son stopped by the house.  We really wanted to get her house done because she needs to be out of her FEMA housing by 12/1.  

Last week Frank and Sheila painted most of a house in Petal, a town just outside the Hattiesburg city limits.  Sheila, Gene, and Carolyn scraped the floors to get them ready for a team who will put down flooring this weekend.  Sheila and Carolyn painted two coats of paint on the bathroom walls and also repaired drywall by a bathtub.  We also put the second coat of paint on four closets and the laundry room. 

Tuesday evening, on our way back to the RV, we saw a police car at Miss Sandra’s house.  We did extensive work her house in October.  We found out from the agency that the house had been broken into, with the intention to steal furniture later that evening.  Chris and Darrell, from the agency, asked us to fix the door jamb.  Gene and Carolyn worked on this with a lot of help from Darrell.  The electrician has still not installed the furnace.  Sandra told him that had the furnace been installed, they would be living there and the house would not have been broken into.  They have furniture in the living room and one of the bedrooms.  

Wednesday evening we ate dinner at the church. Thursday we celebrated the work of Les, Sheila, and Frank who are leaving on Friday.  Our celebration took us to a barbecue restaurant where the food is amazing! 

Gene & Carolyn Freeman