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Winter Team Leader packets going out

Team Leaders for Winter NOMADS projects, which begin in January, have been emailed their leader packets for period 1 and period 2 projects. Period 3 will soon be emailed out. Team leaders can then begin working with their hosting agency staff people to determine the work priorities, see how the team skills match up, and begin communicating with their team members.  We are asking our team leaders to get in touch with their team at approximately 2 months prior to the start of the project.  There ...

Hinton Rural Life Center project timing changed

The staff at Hinton have asked us to change their period 11 project in 2013 to period 13....so we've now done that for them. Period 13 begins on October 7, 2013. 

Summer and Fall Projects in 2013

Many projects into 2013 have already been scheduled and are ready for NOMADS signups.  Projects are added every week.  NOMADS, please login to the Member's Area and use the project signup software to view all the opportunities to serve.  Contact the NOMADS office if you need assistance.

Winter 2013 projects are being staffed

Many NOMADS are signing up a bit earlier this year for our Winter-Spring (Jan-May) projects, thanks to our new signup software.  We'll continue to add more projects, as we receive them from agencies, until we arrive at a number that we believe we can adequately "staff", and to a level that compares with recent winter schedules for us.  NOMADS, please login regularly to see what's new on our project schedule in 2013, and please help out wherever you can. 

January-March 2013 projects applications wanted

We are adding projects to our schedule for the first half of 2013, and NOMADS are already signing on for them.  If you're interested in hosting NOMADS during Winter 2013, please make application soon.  The earliest applicants will most likely garner signups, and later or last minute project applicants may not.  We will post a similar number of projects each period as is typical for us, so if you're interested in a particular time frame, please apply early to be sure you can get that timing (if ...

UMConnect article from Nebraska Conference on recent NOMADS project

Click on this link to read the latest about the Camp Fontanelle NOMADS project, completed May 31st, 2012. www.umcneb.org/enewsletterarchives/detail/83#NOMADS_wander_into_Nebraska

Article featuring NOMADS at Blue Rose Mission, Mansfield, Ohio

Click on this link to the Mansfield News Journal online, for an article after the recent NOMADS project for Blue Rose Mission. www.mansfieldnewsjournal.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article

Project Applications for 2012?

Hosting agencies, if you are planning and praying for a NOMADS team during the latter part of 2012, now is the time to get your project application in to the NOMADS office.  Please click on REQUEST HELP and follow the instructions for making application in 2012. 

2013 Projects being added to schedule

Several of our hosting agencies have already applied, and so we have posted several winter-spring 2013 projects for signups.  New projects will be added weekly, as they are received and processed.  NOMADS, are you ready to sign up for 2013 yet? 

Summer-Fall projects without leaders now open for signups

If you've been waiting to join a team NOMADS, now's your opportunity as we've opened ALL of our projects in 2012 to signups, even if there is not a leader in place.  Login to the member's area and use the project signup software, or email or call the NOMADS office for assistance.

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