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Help Needed in Illinois

Notice to NOMADS looking for an interesting project for early summer.  We have a brand new agency in Illinois which is in danger of being canceled for Period 8, June 3-20, 2013.  The agency is Wesley Village, a Retirement Community in Macomb located in west-central Illinois.  They are building a 4000 sq. ft. Community Center on their property, and have asked for NOMADS help to finish the interior of the building.  If you are some of the NOMADS looking for new construction for a change, this is ...

Last minute openings for Period 4 March 11-28, 2013

NOMADS can still join teams for period 4, at locations with leadership and openings:  at Vashti Center in Thomasville, GA.  And at Community of Hope in Moss Point, MS we have NOMADS going in more of a drop-in arrangement.  Please login and sign up if you can help out!

Team Leader Tips

In our weekly email update, Leader Tips are included to provide answers to often asked questions from our team leaders.  We've compiled them into a document for you in the Member's Area under Leader Resources, and will continue adding tips to this document as they are published.  Thanks to Bill Tarbell for these helpful Leader Tips!  

Period 3 begins Monday, February 18th

Please pray for safe travels for the many NOMADS who are working their way to their period 3 commitments this weekend.   

2014 Winter Projects

Soon, our partnering agencies will begin applying for 2014 NOMADS projects.  We schedule them about 12 months out, but not much further.  As agencies apply, we will begin posting these 2014 projects for NOMADS to sign up.  

Cross Roads UMC period 2 project has been cancelled

The period 2 project has been cancelled, and a period 4 project has been added for Cross Roads UMC in Phoenix.  This new NOMADS partner is involved in a large "build" and the schedule has been somewhat delayed, so period 4 may work out better than period 2 for them. 

Period 2 begins January 28th

We have openings on a few teams for period 2, so NOMADS will you please consider your last minute availability and sign up to serve if you can?  We have openings in Phoenix at Cross Roads UMC and at Epworth UMC, in Tucson at Hope UMC and for First UMC in Mercedes, Texas.  Contact the NOMADS office if you need assistance with signups. 

New Winter openings this week

Due to several cancellations, we now need team members during period 1 in Phoenix, AZ and in St. Petersburg, FL.  For period 2, we have openings in Phoenix and Tucson in Arizona, in Eustis, Florida and in Mercedes, Texas. 

A few new openings this winter

Cancellations do occur, as family or health issues, problems with rigs and other things can complicate our lives and project participation as NOMADS.  Please continue to check the project software and list of teams to see if you can fill in any of our ever-changing project openings.  Or call the NOMADS office if you need assistance. 

More 2013 projects added to schedule this week

NOMADS, login and check out the 2013 projects list, as we've added about a dozen this week. 

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