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Period 8 Projects begin Monday

We have teams travelling, as they finish period 7 today, and for some NOMADS, they're on their way to period 8 projects in Salem Township, Maine, Rollins, Montana or in Tulsa, Oklahoma.  We give thanks to our leaders, the Cheneys, Hatchers and Watkins, for their coordination for these teams.  And our DR teams can change weekly, so we have folks moving about to Moore, Oklahoma and Minot, North Dakota. Please continue to lift us up with your prayers as we travel the roads and serve those in need. ...

Apply for your 2015 NOMADS Project

It's time now to apply for your WINTER (Jan-Mar) or SPRING (Apr-May) 2015 NOMADS project.  Will you have NOMADS return next year?  NOMADS plan well ahead, so please make application soon! If you have never had a NOMADS project but are a United Methodist organization who wishes to get on the NOMADS schedule in 2015,  please click on REQUEST HELP to fill out the new agency application and get started toward a NOMADS project in 2015.  Contact the NOMADS office for assistance at director@nomadsumc.o...

Period 6 Openings - begins April 21st

Several projects need our assistance!  If you are available to join us in Whittier, CA, North Webster, IN, Leitchfield, KY, or Lake Junaluska, NC, please login and signup, or contact the NOMADS office for assistance.  Partial signups would also likely be taken at this time, with team leader agreement, if you're not available for the full 3 weeks.  

Last Minute Openings Available - Period 5

Due to health or other complications, we have two new opening on projects that started today, for 3 week projects for Lake Junaluska Assembly in Lake Junaluska, North Carolina, and for St. Pauls UMC in Ripley, Mississippi.  NOMADS, contact the office if you can help us with either of these new openings, on projects that have alot of work lined up for us.  

Travelling Mercies for Period 5 participants

On Monday, March 31, our period 5 projects begin and our NOMADS are on there way to those agencies in need.  The parts of the country where we'll be serving begins to vary, now that winter is mostly behind us.  We have teams this period in Arizona, California, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, Oklahoma and Tennessee.   

Project Period 4 begins Monday, March 10, 2014

Eleven teams, totalling approximately 115 NOMADS, are on their way to projects late this week, at locations in the southern part of the U.S.  Projects this period are located in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, North Carolina and Texas.  

Project Period 3 begins today, February 17, 2014

Our teams have arrived and are on site for our busy period 3 projects.  Many are in Arizona, Florida and South Texas at this time of year, serving through NOMADS for United Methodist agencies in need.  Please pray for safety for our team members and that they are able to make a difference in the lives of those around them while serving on NOMADS projects.  

2015 Winter Projects added to schedule

NOMADs have been anxious to begin planning their 2015 winter projects, and so this week we've begun scheduling a few projects in early 2015.  NOMADS may login and check out the projects already available for 2015, and will need to check back frequently as more may be added at any time.  

Planning a NOMADS project in early 2015?

We're now accepting 2015 project applications from any of our host agency partners.  Of course we'll first be scheduling the January - March time frame, so our largest group of NOMADS, our winter SNOWBIRDS, who travel to Arizona, Florida or South Texas at this time of year, can work on their travel planning for early 2015. Click on REQUEST HELP (to the left on this page) to fill out the 2015 project application form.  If you're a new agency and need assistance getting scheduled, please contact ...

Period 2 begins Monday, January 27th

Many of our NOMADS will be completing period 1 projects this Thursday, January 23, and then on Friday and over the weekend, will be travelling to their next project commitment for period 2.  This is our busiest project season in NOMADS, with many of our members locating to warmer climates for the winter in their RVs.  Please will you give us your prayerful support for safe travels for ALL of our NOMADS on the roadways? And may the projects accomplish many things for those in need who've asked ...

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