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Our agency partners love their NOMADS!

Our hosting agencies evaluate their projects and teams at the end of each project.  As always, we had some wonderful comments from them late in 2017: "This lead couple demonstrated the highest commitment to a cooperative spirit for all the Nomads and for all staff and Board members. The spirit of Christ was evident in their attitude, work and cooperative spirit. The entire group accomplished more than our agency thought possible at the beginning." "This was an excellent team with excellent ...

2019 Project Applications Being Taken

We are currently taking applications for projects through period 5 (April) of 2019.  We also have several remaining slots in our Fall 2018 schedule.  In general, we schedule projects that are at least 6 months out, and up to 15 months into the future.  Please contact the NOMADS office if assistance is needed.  director@nomadsumc.org

Colona UMC NOMADs Project in the News


Cross Roads UMC Chapel Dedication

Phoenix, AZ - Cross Roads United Methodist Church.  Many NOMADS have worked on this project over the past several years. Our period 3 team was privileged to complete the Chapel at Crossroads UMC and participate in its dedication this past Sunday, March 6, 2016.  What a joy to get to see a finished project.   Bill Koch    

NOMADS doing our Lord's work

We received a note from one of our period 2 agency staffers, about their NOMADS team: Wanted to tell you about one of the projects during period 2.. The home belongs to an older couple who had been without running water in their bathroom for 4 years..they were using the facilities in an old trailer that they have parked next door until the sewer line gave out and they were forced  to start using their bathroom again..the water came in via a hose thru the window..there had been extensive ...

Travel Safely, NOMADS

Our period 2 teams have finished and period 3 begins Monday, so our teams will be on the road today and this weekend, travelling home or to their next project.  Please pray that all arrive safely, as they serve doing our Lord's work.  

Apply Now for a Project Next Winter

For our NOMADS hosting agencies who have NOMADS projects, or for other United Methodist churches and organizations who would LIKE to have a NOMADS project, now is the time to apply for a winter project next year.   Please contact director@nomadsumc.org if you need assistance.  

Midwest Mission Distribution Center article on NOMADS

Check out the September 2015 newsletter from MMDC, with a page 2 article on their recent NOMADS: http://www.midwestmissiondc.net/news2015/S15c.pdf

Planning to have a NOMADS project in early 2016?

If you are a United Methodist church or UM Agency partner with NOMADS, and you're interested in having a NOMADS project soon, we plan WELL AHEAD when scheduling our projects.  So if the first 6 months of 2016 is a time you'd like to request a team, NOW would be the time to log in and click on "Apply for a 3-week project".  Our scheduling is first-come, first-served, and in your state, some periods may already be FULL. If you've had NOMADS projects recently, you should have a login set up, so ...

Pray for Safe Travels for NOMADS Teams

Our teams will be travelling to period 9 projects this weekend, so please pray that our Lord watches out for all our mission volunteers.

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