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Shopping Online can benefit the United Methodist NOMADS

THE NOMADS ORGANIZATION BENEFITS WHEN YOU SHOP ON LINE ! Every store at UMCmarket is happy to pay a percentage of the purchased amount as a donation to NOMADS. There is NO additional cost or charge to either NOMADS or the shopper. This is the perfect way to give to NOMADS while you shop at over 1000 of your favorite stores. Encourage your family and friends to sign up too!  SIGN UP TODAY at umcmarket.org ..... It is FREE If you need help signing up or have questions please call me Linda ...

NOMADS dues year has ended

NOMADS, have you paid your dues for 2015-2016?  All members have the same due date - March 31 each year.  Please login and click on "Membership Status - Dues" to see your "last paid" date and your "next due" date.  If your next due date is 3/31/2015, then please either click on the PAY DUES NOW button there, or mail a check to the NOMADS office.  Active membership is $40 per person, per year, and Alumni status (no project work) is $10 per person, per year.  Thank you for staying current with ...

Comments from Period 3 NOMADS Partners

Our hosting agencies evaluate their projects and teams, at the end of our 3-week projects.  For period 3, which ended in March 2015, we've received many wonderful comments about our teams: "Outstanding. Despite unusual snow and wind and cold for our part of the country... Everyone found things to do everyday. The teams worked well together and helped each other out. These NOMADS did an amazing amount of work in a short period of time. We are truly blessed!!" "Our church was blessed to have ...

United Methodist Interpreter Jan-Feb Issue

Click on the link to the January - February 2015 issue of United Methodist Interpreter magazine: http://read.nxtbook.com/unitedmethodist/interpreter/januaryfebruary2015/index.html

Hosting Agencies Comment on Teams

Agency evaluations have arrived for our Period 1 projects in 2015.  Some lovely comments were made about our teams! "It was a real pleasure to work with this eager group of NOMADS. They worked quickly and efficiently, but very carefully. Everyone was constantly involved in one or more of the projects going on at the same time, helping out or working on their own. Truly a self motivated group." "Your crew was fast and detailed, very friendly." "The Nomads were wonderful, and worked so hard to ...

Value of Volunteer Hours

Click on the link to go to the Independent Sector's valuation placed on Volunteer Hours donated.   https://www.independentsector.org/volunteer_time

City of Hawthorne Honors the NOMADS

The NOMADS organization received an honor tonight from the City of Hawthorne, Florida. The City Council  honored NOMADS for our work while working with the 1st United Methodist Church in its community outreach. There have been 27 NOMADS teams here working on 197 homes since 2002. This community and church cooperation has done great things for this town and its people. The members of the council are very thankful and appreciative of NOMADS and our work. They made the NOMADS Citizens of the Month....

Emmanuel UMC sign

NOMADS period 1 team is on site and accomplishing alot for our friends at Emmanuel UMC in Melbourne, Florida.

NOMADS John and Kitty Hahn

It is our privilege to know and work with John and Kitty Hahn.  Jerrel and I knew who they were when we first joined NOMADS, heard terrific stories about their leadership and great sense of humor and about how long they have been NOMADS.  We had never worked with them until the Disaster Project here in Conway AR where we had the privilege to have them as a part of the team for the last few weeks. They are great friends to all who know them and they are a real joy to work with. They signed up for...

UMC Market - Special Christmas Promotion

Special Christmas Promotion! As a Merry Christmas from UMCmarket, we will give an extra $5 donation to your ministry for every new member who makes a purchase from now until December 24th.  Take a moment to share this email with those friends who have not discovered UMCmarket. Ask them to use promotion code CHRISTMAS when signing up. Every store at UMCmarket is happy to pay a percentage of the purchased amount as a donation to NOMADS. There is no additional cost or charge for either NOMADS or ...

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