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Support NOMADS with your Holiday Shopping

The United Methodist NOMADS appreciates your support by doing your online shopping this holiday season through Amazon Smile.  The link below may be used to access the Amazon Smile site: https://smile.amazon.com/ch/32-0102494

NOMADS email: director@nomadsumc.org

Please do NOT use director.nomads@brtapp.com to email the NOMADS office.  That is a computer-generated email address created by our group-emailer. The ONLY valid email address for the NOMADS office is:  director@nomadsumc.org

Pray for Safe Travels

Many of our NOMADS family are departing Kalamazoo, Michigan on Friday, Oct 2nd, as our annual get-together has ended. Please pray for traveling mercies for all our NOMADS as they travel back home or on down the road. 

Michigan UMC News Covers NOMADS Kalamazoo Rally


NOMADS Annual Meeting in Kalamazoo, Michigan

Please pray for safe travels for all our NOMADS as they head to Kalamazoo, MI for our annual gathering of the membership.  And our annual fall meeting of our board of directors will be held on Friday and Saturday this week, September 25-26, 2015 in Kalamazoo.  Your prayerful support for our Lord's guidance in their discussions is appreciated.   

NOMADS - Evaluate your period 12 project

Please login and go to your project history, and evaluate your period 12 project.  The evaluation period lasts for 3 weeks and ends Oct 1st.  Thank you.  

United Methodist Communications Newsletter

Click on the link below to read the latest issue of UM Communication's newsletter, with focus on using United Methodist logos: http://view.esp.umcom.org/?j=feb810797063037a&m=fe9712727760077a75&ls=fe2c16777d65047d731778&l=ff65107675&s=fe5c13757363057f7513&jb=ff951678&ju=fe5f15747660037a7314&r=0

ECHO News Article on NOMADS

Check out the ECHO News Volume 38 / Issue 2 article on NOMADS.  Educational Concerns for Hunger Organization (ECHO) is a partnering site that hosts NOMADS teams each winter, in North Fort Myers, Florida. http://echonet.org/the-echo-update-blog/nomads-in-florida

Upper Room Devotional: Small but Worthwhile


Pray for Safe Travel

Many of our NOMADS members are travelling to their next project this weekend, so please lift them up with your prayers for safe travels for all of our dedicated servants.

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