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Disaster News

Team Raymondville Reports on their Work

This Week in Raymondville, Texas Period Ended October 6, 2016   Team members arrived in Raymondville the weekend before work began on October 3.  Sunday night we met with the project coordinator.  Roland shared information about needs in the area and gave us some background on the situation.  He explained that we would begin our work at a site about 25 miles from the church where we are staying.  Team members Morris, Karen, Suzanne, Paul, and Sally will be installing insulation, dry wall, doors,...

Wimberley Rebuilders Weekly Report

Wimberley, Texas - We were all in by Saturday, late afternoon. We went to church at Northshore UMC on Sunday morning for early service. It was a nice contemporary service with lots of lively music. The men were invited to a breakfast on Tuesday morning. All the men went and heard a speaker on funding for the new addition. We also met Nomad Bob Franke at the breakfast. It has been warm and the temperature with humidity has been in some upper numbers. We started work on a home that had the ...

Final 2016 Report from Team Colorado

Colorado DR week of June 27 to 30th   This week was a window of opportunity.  We finished the windows on the home we started the previous week, tediously shimming and trimming both the inside and outside.  We also installed several windows on another manufactured home that required fitting, but were not so bad as to require the same level of interior trimming.  Three of the members installed two windows in another home, one of which was an egress window, which required enlarging the opening to ...

Team Colorado Report

Wow what a week we had! We finished all the skirting on the manufactured home that we could do, without removing the ramp, which requires city permitting.  Except for one threshold, that house is finished inside and out.  The “windows crew” installed windows on one manufactured home which had been pending for weeks.  They also did an outstanding job of fitting windows in another new project that were all too small.   That job required shimming every window and will require trim both inside and ...

Weekly Report from Colorado

Colorado DR report Week of June 13 to 17th The team, Bill & Cheryl, Suzanne, Norman, Dean & Linda and Larry and Jean, continued our work at the manufactured home we started on the previous week.  We installed and painted new ceiling and wall panels; removed the toilet, reinforced the flooring under it and reinstalled the toilet (all in a day!); laid tile in the bath; tore out most of the skirting and started the reinstallation process. Two members, Suzanne and Jean, took a day to complete the ...

Disaster Rebuilding continues in Colorado

This Week in Colorado – Period Ended June 9, 2016 The group worked at two locations on Monday and Tuesday.  Team members of the first part include Bill and Cheryl, Art and Sue, and Deane and Linda.  They did a variety of job tasks at Site 45 in a Boulder mobile home park.  Entry steps were repaired so they were safe for entry to the work site.  Ceilings were patched, primed, and painted.  Faulty wall board was replaced with new and then painted.    Team members Suzanne, Paul, and Sally continued...

This Week in Colorado

This Week in Colorado – Period Ended June 2, 2016   The group continues to work at two locations.  Team members of the first part include Norman, Keith, and Anna.  They were joined later in the week by Deane and Linda.  They installed windows and did trim work at a mobile home in Longmont on Tuesday and Wednesday.  Thursday they spent the day cleaning and painting at a mountain bed and breakfast.  They reported magnificent views there . . .  and cinnamon rolls that were divine.   Team members ...

Disaster Rebuilding Continues in Colorado

This Week in Colorado – Period Ended May 26, 2016 Team members became two distinct groups this week.  Team members of the first part included Norman, Anna, Rod and Janie.  They worked at a job site in Longmont on Monday and Tuesday where they joined a group of young Mennonite guys in constructing a free-standing carport.  Wednesday they spent the day cleaning and painting at a mountain bed and breakfast.  They reported that it was absolutely gorgeous there!  They installed “lots” of windows on ...

Week Three in Colorado

We welcomed Paul and Sally this week. This week at the morning devotionals some interesting discussions arose. God is good all the time. All the time God is good. We started the week with rain and had to adjust. For the first two days we had to work up in the mountains on a home that had been burned in the fire and then this couple helped people in this canyon get out of the flood. They have been working on getting things back in order for over two years. Tuesday we had another home to work on ...

Weekly Report - Colorado Disaster Rebuilders

Second week on Colorado DR project   We welcomed Tom and Jen on Monday and Norm came in on Tuesday night. We started the week by working 4 of our team on a wall that needed to be capped. The others worked on Teresa’s home. We laid cement board Monday and prepared for tile that was finished by the end of the week. We Installed windows and the front door. We finished the floor trim and inside trim on windows. We started on a carport frame toward the end of the week at another location. We also ...

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