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Disaster News

Oklahoma Disaster Rebuilding Feb 17, 2017

Work is in Maysville 14 miles from Elmore City.   Our team, Max and Anne Armstrong, Gwen and I worked the week finishing a home for the Williams. Their home had been under reconstruction since October. There was three feet of water/mud in the home requiring total tear down inside. We arrived in the end of the rebuild. Our task was to finish Installing baseboard, door molding, closet shelves, bathroom shelves. We finished painting walls, ceilings and molding. Finally cut and installed ceramic ...

Disaster Rebuilding in Wimberley Feb. 17th

Disaster Rebuilding in Wimberley Feb 13 – 16 We had 7 units this week with 13 Nomads on the project. Cypress Lane – This week the team removed the water heater to complete the dry walling of the closet it was in. We also fixed the electrical and installed the pan drain for it. The ceiling repair including the installation of crown molding was completed and painted. The glass tile on the shower was installed and grouted and the backsplash in the kitchen completed. The wall outside the entry ...

Wimberley Week Ending Feb. 2nd

Wimberley TX DR Project – Jan. 30 thru Feb. 2, 2017 10 Matador – Painted and installed 2 new doors for the bathrooms, installed vanity and top in main bath, painted new textured wall in main bath and installed water closet. In the kitchen dishwasher was installed, dented sink repaired and installed, tile backsplash installed and grouted, oak panels for backs of cabinets installed, stained and polyurethane applied. Light fixture in main bath installed, baseboard trim completed, final paint ...

Weekly Report from Team Wimberley

Wimberley TX Disaster Rebuilding Project – Jan. 23 – 26 Matador St. – In the kitchen the work on the counter tops continued with the Formica cut and glued to the main "L" shaped top along with the island top. The sink hole has been cut out and it was decided to do a 4” high backsplash using ceramic tile. The back entry door was finished as it needed the door stop extended and weather seal installed. The master bedroom – it was decided to not install a sliding (barn type) door for the master ...

Video from Rio Texas Conference Disaster Response

Click on the link below to view the video about one of the people helped after the Jan 2015 flood on the Blanco River.  This is the Wimberley, Texas area where we have been responding via our Disaster Rebuilding project. UMCOR is involved in this project.   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xh1LsCNOpC0&feature=youtu.be

Disaster Rebuilding begins again in Wimberley

Wimberley, Texas Disaster Rebuilding - Week One in 2017 We worked on 2 homes. One was located on Matador and the other on Cypress Parkway (Jerry and Connie’s) in Wimberley, TX.  At Matador we continued work installing kitchen cabinets which required substantial plumbing modifications.  Veneer was installed, stained and polyurethaned on cabinet ends.  Doors were painted.  A toilet was installed eliminating the need for the portapotty.  A bi-fold door was painted and installed. There is still ...

Disaster Rebuilding in 2016

In 2016, Disaster Rebuilding projects were completed in Wimberley, Texas, Raymondville, Texas, and Loveland, Colorado.  A total of 41 weeks were worked with a total of 5067 “love hours” performed.  All three of these projects were responses in order to repair and rebuild homes damaged by heavy flooding.  Many lives, both homeowners and NOMADS, were touched by the way our Lord provided for the spiritual and physical needs of all involved.  We thank all who volunteered for these projects this year...

Our Last Week in Wimberley 2016

We had a good week. We finished Pam's house so she can be in for Christmas. We tiled around the tub and got the shower hooked up. We installed the water heater and a new garage door. The kitchen cabinet now has drawer and door pulls. The kitchen range is now in place after the tile on the wall was repaired. Part of the crew started on another home across town. They were hanging cupboards, trimming out the pantry door, installed door knobs on closet doors and finished tiling the floor. There is ...

Team Wimberley Reports In Dec 8th

We had another good week on Pam's house. We put a lot of finishing touches on the house. We installed the quarter round in all the rooms and closets. We sealed all the grout lines in the floor. The bathroom sinks now have water and sewer connections. The Formica is all installed on the kitchen counter. Shortened and installed the sliding closet doors in the master bedroom. The other doors in the master bedroom had to be shortened and cut off on the side to fit the door frames. We touched up the ...

Weekly Report from Team Wimberley Dec 6, 2016

We had a good week at Pam's house. We got all the tile grouted and the two small bedrooms sealed. We built and installed a small kitchen cabinet to fill in a space beside the dishwasher. We got the countertop for the kitchen ready for the Formica with sink hole cut. The microwave was installed. Got a couple of lights installed and started installing the quarter round to finish the trim work. We welcomed Cindy Schenk at the beginning  of the week and said goodbye to Scott and Pat Shumate. Our ...

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