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Thank you from Oklahoma UMC Disaster Response Team

I want to give all the NOMADS that served a huge thank you for your time, gifts and service.  Everyone made a distinct difference in the lives of those you helped and in ours!  We are excited about your return in September.   Please find attached a certificate highlighting the impressive amount of work your teams were able to accomplish. Chad Detwiler OKUMC Oklahoma Disaster Response

Week 4 in Lawton - April 29th

This past week in Lawton, Oklahoma, was another great week for our NOMADS Disaster Rebuild team.  We started the week out again with church at the Hunting Horse United Methodist Church.  We are always blessed by the love we feel from the congregation there.  After church our team, and the church pastor, went to lunch at a 50’s themed restaurant.  The pastor and his wife, one Comanche, the other Kiowa, gave us a history lesson about the Indians of this area.  It was good hearing these stories ...

Team Oklahoma Weekly Report Apr 20th

We have completed another wonderful week here in Lawton, Oklahoma.  We started off the week with three new couples, Morris and Karen, Kevin and Lora, and Richard and Linda.  Jack and Barb are still with us.  Sunday we all went to Hunting Horse United Methodist Church of the Oklahoma Indian Conference, for Easter Sunday.  We had a wonderful time celebrating the resurrection of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  Several of the songs were sung in Comanche and Kiowa.  The lead singer explained the ...

Disaster Rebuilding continues in Oklahoma Apr 14, 2017

The DR team in Lawton continued working at Tiffany’s house this week.  We started the week off by installing ½ inch plywood throughout the house covering the sub-floor, and doing touch up on the paint.  Barb spent a lot of time walking around with a roll of blue tape marking where there were areas that needed touch up on the paint.  The beige walls had blue spots all over them.  Finally, somebody took Barb’s blue tape from her, tape to be found no more again.  On Tuesday, Hal, from the Oklahoma ...

Lawton, Oklahoma DR Weekly Report Apr 6th

Oklahoma Disaster Rebuild – Lawton, Oklahoma week ending April 6, 2017   This week the project moved from Elmore City to Lawton.  Ricci and Jane moved along with the project.  The rest of the team: Mark and Deb, Jack and Barb, and Sharon and I, arrived over the weekend. We had a great Sunday morning going to church at our host church, Hunting Horse United Methodist Church of the Oklahoma Indian Mission Conference.  The congregation there made us feel very welcome.  We were invited to stay after...

Disaster Rebuilding Continues in Oklahoma Mar 31st

Elmore City DR March 25-30, 2017 We welcomed Ricci & Jane to the team here on Saturday for the final week of work in Maysville. We also had Chris and Susan stay over for the first 2 days of the week. With this expanded team we were able to complete the planned work in Maysville. Next week the team will be gathering in Lawton, Oklahoma for the planned work there. On Mr. Stevens’ house we were met with a bad gas leak and had to tear out sections of the drywall to repair the leaks. By Wednesday ...

Oklahoma DR Team Weekly Report Mar 24th

Elmore City Disaster Rebuild March 18-24, 2017 As the team gathered in Elmore City on Saturday March 18, we added 2 more RV’s to the team with Chris and Susan and then Bruce and Janette arriving to join this week’s team, bringing us to 10 NOMADS. With the opening of a second work site we split our team into two groups and the weather moved from freezing to hot as the temperatures moved into the high 80’s. This week on Mr. Stevens’ house the kitchen cabinets were installed, the shower was put ...

Team Wimberley Mar 23rd

Our disaster rebuild in Wimberley TX is going very well. Help from Austin College groups was very much appreciated. Our teams should be able to complete 4-5 projects this week including the roof project. Next week will focus on skirting & decks at one site and a single bathroom update (floor, vanity & toilet) at another site. Rob and Helen Getman Wimberley DR leaders  

Oklahoma DR Weekly Report March 17th

Elmore City Disaster Rebuild - March 11-16, 2017 We have continued to work on Mr. Steven’s house this week. Although just a week ago we put out a call for help and God helped to get Danny, Bob and Paige to respond and all arrived by Sunday evening.  The cold weather also arrived on Sunday evening as we had freezing weather greet us. This great team was able to get the rest of the drywall installed, then we taped and mudded. By mid-week we had skip textured all of the walls and ceilings. We had...

Volunteers doing Mighty Work in Oklahoma

Click on the link below for the United Methodist Disaster Response of Oklahoma's update: http://eepurl.com/cD2OOf

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