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Disaster News

Disaster Rebuild Photos - Vandemere, North Carolina

Photos of the disaster rebuild completed in Vandemere, North Carolina are now available here. Special thanks to Dottie and Larry Mathis from Lancaster, PA for documenting the work on their blog, Dancing Dottie.

Pray for Fall Disaster efforts

  Please pray for the NOMADS Fall/Winter Disaster Rebuilding RTPs. The NOMADS have been invited to help rebuild after disasters in Cordova, AL, Haleyville, AL, and Bastrop, Texas. Each project is unique and your prayers are needed. The Cordova project focuses on rebuilding at the Cordova Long United Methodist Church which was destroyed by an EF-4 tornado on April 27, 2011. Work will center on classrooms, kitchen, bathrooms and fellowship hall. The Haleyville, AL project is a continuation of ...

Praise for our Disaster Rebuilders

  Praise God. This marks the conclusion of the NOMADS Disaster Rebuilding Spring RTP in Haleyville, AL and Vandemere, NC. God has been so good and shown His guidance in many ways in these locations. Thank you to the NOMADS who committed themselves to being Jesus' hands and feet in these communities. At Haleyville, 48 members worked on this project over 14 weeks and contributed approximately 2888 hours of love-labor. At, Vandemere, 44 members worked on this project over 12 weeks and contributed ...

Fall 2012 Disaster Rebuilding efforts

Several areas of the country have been affected by tornadoes and other damaging weather-related events this year.  Our NOMADS Disaster Rebuilding committee (DRC) has set up three Revolving Team Disaster Rebuilds for Fall 2012.  We call them "revolving team projects" because the teams change weekly.  One week minimum commitment is required.  We'll be assisting the recovery efforts from tornado damage in Alabama in both the Cordova and Haleyville areas, and in Bastrop, Texas with wildfire ...

NOMADS at work near Haleyville, Alabama

Check out this story about the house our NOMADS Disaster Rebuilding team has been working on this week (April 23-27, 2012) near Haleyville, Alabama:   http://northalabamaumc.org/news/detail/1130   One of our team members reported "We started Monday and now have a little over half of the drywall up and the taping and mudding done in the three bedrooms. We have really enjoyed getting to know this family, and Tommy has provided us with several organ concerts.  Several of the team members worked at...

Update on Disaster Rebuilding Efforts for Alabama and North Carolina

Please pray for our Disaster Rebuilding Revolving teams in Haleyville, AL and Vandemere, NC, which will begin February 20 and 27, 2012, respectively. Currently, in Haleyville, 47 one-week slots have been filled over a 14 week period. In Vandemere, 47 one-week slots have also been filled over the 11 week period. Please pray for homeowners, that they will feel God’s love and presence. And pray for safety and wisdom for our leadership and teams, in completing the tasks assigned. Pray for the ...

Disaster Rebuilds in Alabama and North Carolina added to schedule

Two Disaster Rebuilding efforts have now been added to the NOMADS schedule for 2012.  NOMADS members were emailed the details on December 10th.  The Alabama site is in Haleyville, and will run from Feb 20th through May 24th, 2012.  The North Carolina site is in Vandemere and begins Feb 27th through at least the end of May.  Full details in the earlier email.  Signup using the project sign up software in the member's area of our website. 

NOMADS Disaster Rebuild

Your NOMADS Organization is very responsive to the need for reaction and service needed to assist others following disastrous events.  At the Annual Meeting in Forest City, Iowa, in September, 2011, the Board of Directors elected to change the direction of our Disaster efforts for others.  Since 2006, Disaster efforts were provided through the efforts of all NOMADS, under direction and guidance from the Disaster Response Committee (DRC).  Since that time, much has changed in the area of services...

Updated Disaster Rebuilding Leader's Guide now available

For NOMADS leadership, our Disaster Rebuilding Leader's Guide has now been brought up-to-date with our recent changes, and is available in the private area of our site under Leader Resources.

Disaster Rebuilding

Because NOMADS are typically not immediate responders when natural disasters occur, we've changed the name of our Disaster Response committee to Disaster Rebuilding. NOMADS have skills in construction and in all those trades associated with building.  We are also older people, typically retirees, so our skills are more valuable in the rebuilding stage than during the initial cleanup phase of a disaster.  And there are several other factors involved if we're to come in for an extended period of ...

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