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Disaster News

Report from Team Bastrop

Report for week ending 11-16-12 The week started slow- 5 workers Mon-Tue,increased to 9 on Wednesday...about all that could productively function in the house. Gregg's House - This is a metal framed building about 1500 s.f. concrete floor with an attic space of about 1200s.f.  Plumbing rough-in 90%.  Rough was a good description. Dan had to chisel out under both bathtubs to install p-traps, one was about 5" off. By Thursday the chisel was part of the normal background noise.  Electrical ...

Special message to NOMADS from Kathy, homeowner in Haleyville

Our Haleyville team leaders, the Schluers, sent a note to our DR Coordinator this week: Hi Tim, Hope your meeting is going well. Kathy's house is finished!  Had the Bible presentation Wednesday (a tearful event with many caseworkers and others including the children and Kathy's parents present) and returned yesterday to clean and fix up a few electrical and plumbing glitches.  Have had a great team these past two weeks.  Kathy has invited all Nomads who will be here next week to Thanksgiving ...

Accomplishments in Haleyville, Alabama this week

Our team has reported on their activities this week in Haleyville, Alabama. Click on link below. nomadsumc.s3.amazonaws.com/8FDBACD3E5F9482AB88AE92A71698B2F_Haleyville weekly report 11-8-12.pdf

Extra rigs for Bastrop, TX in 2013

They're to install more sites, so we've now gotten the go-ahead to add 3 more RVs to the size of the teams for our 2013 Bastrop, TX Disaster Rebuild.  Several who were on the wait list are now able to go!  But this provides for additional new opportunities.  NOMADS, if interested, please login and use the signup software to sign up for Bastrop in February/early March of 2013. 

Update from Tim Brubaker, DR Coordinator

Recently, I had the opportunity to work at the Cordova, AL and Haleyville, AL DR sites. What a blessing! At Cordova, the NOMADS are working on Long Memorial Methodist Church. The structure is complete and the NOMADS are working on the fellowship hall, classrooms, office space and refurbishing some church pews. This town experienced two tornadoes (EF 1 and an EF 3) in one day. In the Haleyville area, where several tornadoes touched down, the NOMADS team worked on several home repairs and are ...

Cordova weekly report 11-2-12

Our teams in Cordova, Alabama are accomplishing alot of great work. Check out the photos and updated info by clicking on the link. nomadsumc.s3.amazonaws.com/DC76F42476184447A225CF809C539962_Long Memorial UMC report 11-2-12.pdf

Report from Cordova, AL Disaster Rebuild 10-26-12

Click on link below to see the latest report from our teams in Cordova, Alabama nomadsumc.s3.amazonaws.com/979127B9B746437883A6C2CCED54EF28_Report from Cordova, AL 10-26-12.pdf

Urgent Need for Help in Cordova, AL!

As a result of several  cancellations due to medical and rigs problems, the Cordova project is in urgent need of some additional help, beginning as soon as possible.  Please review the staffing chart and sign up.  Your help is needed to complete the work on the fellowship hall, Sunday School classrooms and offices.  Thank you!

Hope Village in Minot, ND website

NOMADS, for more info about the volunteer effort in Minot, ND, with which we will be participating beginning in April, please check out the Hope Village website at www.hopevillagend.org/

Incredible DR Leadership!

We have several Disaster Rebuilds that have started up this month, and I wanted to make special mention of our remarkable DR Leadership.  They have extra difficulties sometimes due to sending the team to multiple homes/sites and with the team composition potentially changing every week.  We could not serve so many in this way without them, so please give thanks to God for all that they are doing.  In Bastrop, Bill and Cheryl Wessels are leading the teams for us, and in Haleyville, AL, Arlin and ...

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