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Disaster News

Report from Team Bastrop 12-8-12

Team:  We had a full team with 6 rigs and 10 NOMADS working.  Bob and Bet returned on Tuesday evening and worked with us the rest of the week.  We worked a total of 264 hours. RV sites-   Rob and Dan made good progress using a tractor with a backhoe with a bucket.  They were able to clear the remaining stumps and worked on terracing for the sites as there is quite a bit of drop from sites 1 and 2 to sites 7 and 8.  They located the septic tanks and have about an hour of work left to complete ...

Haleyville weekly report 12-7-12

Haleyville RTP project Report for Week Dec. 4 - 7- 2012 NOMADS had fun getting ready for the Christmas Parade in Haleyville. We took all the signs from the rigs and plastered them on our pickup truck and drove in the parade following the Haleyville UMC float.  It was neat hearing folks on the parade route yelling thank you NOMADS. We are all driving over to Cordova tomorrow and visit the NOMADS over there and see their project. This week we finished the Wilson house and presented the Bible. ...

Report from Team Bastrop

Bastrop Nov 26-29 - Marty arrived at noon Monday, Charlotte is still delayed in MO so we were short one all week - worked 159 Manhours. At our homeowner's house -  all of the sheetrock was installed and one coat of mud applied, some of lower walls sanded once. All electrical switches and receptacles installed, temporary light fixtures installed, HVAC energized and operational. A/C contractor replumbed the condensate drain and tub wrong for the second time, Dan gave in and fixed it. Plumbing ...

Progress Made in Haleyville, Alabama this week

NOMADS have been working on four different homes this week.  Home One in Phil Campbell, Alabama - Bible presented on completion.   The homeowner rode out hurricane Katrina on her roof in New Orleans and was relocated to TX.   She then moved to Phil Campbell and rode out the tornado in her bathtub.  Her roof was blown off and carport blown away.   NOMADS completed her home by sanding her hardwood floors through the whole house and mudded, sanded, and painted her laundry room.  We also installed ...

Note from our DR Coordinator, Tim Brubaker

I recently attended the UMCOR 2012 Academy for Disaster Recovery Coordinators held in Baldwin, LA. This meeting included the coordinators from many UM conferences within the US. It is clear that there are many disasters within the US and that UMCOR is very active. There are many locations where assistance is needed and the NOMADS DRteams can address only a small portion of the needs.   Hopefully, the result of this meeting will create a smoother flow of DR projects in the future and may give us ...

Signup for Minot, North Dakota recovery effort

Project begins April 23 and runs through August 29th.  Flooding destroyed 1/3 of Minot nearly 2 years ago and the need is great.  Everyone who has been there has commented on the magnitude of the need.  God has now opened the doors for the NOMADS to help in Minot.  We need to now sign up to do His work in Minot.

Report from Haleyville team

Report for the week in Haleyville, Nov. 19-23, 2012 - we sanded hardwood floors in living and dining room, hallway, three bedrooms and closets of a home as well as brushing on three coats of polyurethane finish.  Also sanded, mudded and did some finish sanding on a large room addition, repaired drywall and floor, cleaned and washed baseboards and other areas, installed new doorknobs and picked up much trash from the yard.  Hours worked were 216 by nine Nomads with five RV's parked at the ...

Haleyville Report week ending 11-16-2012

  Haleyville Disaster Rebuilding Project Report – November 12 – 15, 2012  by Larry & Linda Schluer, Team Leaders   Six people serving on the Haleyville Team this period, working a total of 156 hours at the Kathy Prince house.     The house is finished!!!!!   Spent the week finishing electrical, plumbing, trim, shelving, etc. and cleaned.   On Wednesday, we had the Nomads Bible Presentation/blessing/dedication ceremony with many administrative guests and Kathy’s family, including her parents, ...

Report from Team Bastrop

Report for week ending 11-16-12 The week started slow- 5 workers Mon-Tue,increased to 9 on Wednesday...about all that could productively function in the house. Gregg's House - This is a metal framed building about 1500 s.f. concrete floor with an attic space of about 1200s.f.  Plumbing rough-in 90%.  Rough was a good description. Dan had to chisel out under both bathtubs to install p-traps, one was about 5" off. By Thursday the chisel was part of the normal background noise.  Electrical ...

Special message to NOMADS from Kathy, homeowner in Haleyville

Our Haleyville team leaders, the Schluers, sent a note to our DR Coordinator this week: Hi Tim, Hope your meeting is going well. Kathy's house is finished!  Had the Bible presentation Wednesday (a tearful event with many caseworkers and others including the children and Kathy's parents present) and returned yesterday to clean and fix up a few electrical and plumbing glitches.  Have had a great team these past two weeks.  Kathy has invited all Nomads who will be here next week to Thanksgiving ...

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