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Disaster News

Rebuilding in Lumberton - Week 2 Oct 19, 2018

We continued our second week in Lumberton working on the home of Sheryl L.  Sheryl’s home had been damaged by the 2016 flooding.  The team continued to work on the outside of the house by installing new lap siding.  With the arrival of Larry and Ginger the team made short work of getting the new siding installed.  After using gap filling foam and lots of caulk, the team of Larry, Ginger, Ogie, Janette, and Sharon, the whole outside of the house was painted, siding and trim.  Bill, Bruce, and ...

Returning to Lumberton for Rebuilding-Week One

The Disaster Rebuild project in Lumberton, North Carolina started this past Monday, October 8th.  The team began with Bill and Ogie, Bill and Janette, and Gary and Sharon. We started off the week with church services at the Chestnut Street United Methodist Church.  This is the same church that we attended most of the time during our last DR project here in the summer of 2017. As many of you know, Hurricane Matthew hit the North Carolina coast this past summer.  The area around Lumberton was hit...

Texas Disaster Rebuilding Week 1 Fall 2018

Odem Texas DR:  October 8-11 Our team arrived on Saturday and Sunday.  Sara Donaldson, from Ohio,  has worked a large variety of DR (Disaster Rebuild) projects in a number of states.  Duane and Wilma Fullerton, from Oklahoma,  have worked for the Odem church on regular three week projects and have been a help finding different places.  Dale and Anne Messmore, from Illinois, had an axle break on their way here, but were able to get to a campground.  On Monday, Dale called various repair shops ...

Team Hattiesburg Weekly Report May 25, 2018

After 8 weeks in Hattiesburg we are now going home for the summer. The time here has been a wonderful experience. Not only have we been the hands and feet for the Lord but we have been with old friends and have met new ones. The teams have worked on at least 6 homes since we have been here. R3SM is a fantastic agency to work under. A.big thank you to Oak Grove United Methodist Church for letting us stay in their parking lot and making us feel like part of their family. It was a blessing to meet ...

Weekly Report from Baton Rouge May 11, 2018

Baton Rouge DR Weekly Report May 7-10, 2018 Week 9 of Baton Rouge DR started with the return of Max and Anne; and Mark and Lisa.  The team will be pushing hard to get Richard and Sandy’s home completed in our last two weeks here. Monday bedroom 1 was ready for paint and part of the team started painting ceilings in the bedroom, bath, and walk-in closet.  As will happen, the extra moisture from the paint caused one seam of ceiling tape to pull and some minor repair was needed.  The remainder of...

Baton Rouge Rebuilding May 6, 2018

Baton Rouge DR Weekly Report 4/30 - 5/3/2018   Friday morning 04/27 started with staying goodbye to Hilary and Mike, as well as Paula and Ken.  These were new NOMADS with Baton Rouge being their first project.  We hope to see them on future projects.  Gene and Carolyn also departed this morning.  Thanks to both of you for your great leadership the past several weeks. With smaller teams scheduled the last three weeks of the Spring DR project here, Stel, Carol and Dave decided to return to Ren ...

Disaster Rebuilding Continues in Hattiesburg - May 6, 2018

Hattiesburg Mississippi Disaster Rebuild week of April 30 to May 3.    On Monday morning the team, Gene, Mary Ann, Butch, Cheri, Stephen, Nula, Gary, and Sharon, started a new work project at Mary’s house on Newman.  The project started with removing the old kitchen flooring down to the sub-floor and removing the base cabinets and sink.  Much of the sub-floor had been damaged by water and had to be removed.  The siding repair work that Nula, Butch, and Stephen had completed the week before ...

Team Hattiesburg Weekly Report 4-28-18

This past week in Hattiesburg was a busy one.  First, Nula joined our team on Saturday. On Monday we returned to Brother Bill’s house and finished installing the living room hardwood flooring.  After the installation was completed, Gene and Gary, using small hand-held power sanders, sanded the floor to remove markings from shipping and to smooth out a few rough areas.  Sharon worked on the door threshholds between the kitchen and living room, and the dining room and living room.  The flooring ...

Baton Rouge Weekly Report 4-27-18

Saturday we welcomed Dave and Carol.  They will take over the leadership for next week’s team.  After their arrival we planned to go downtown to the USS Kidd, but a Tom Hanks movie is being filmed so it was closed. So—we decided to go to the state capitol building.  It is a very tall building (30+ stories) and we were only allowed to go to the observation floor because the first floor was closed for shooting a scene for the Tom Hanks movie!  We enjoyed the afternoon and went out to Rice and Roux...

Hattiesburg, MS Team Report 4-20-18

Hattiesburg, Mississippi Disaster Rebuild project April 16th to April 19th. This past week we saw Dennis and Nancy, and Larry and Mary depart.  Gary and Sharon assumed the lead from Dennis and Nancy.  The rest of the team Gene and Mary Ann, Butch and Cheri, and Stephen, stayed also for the next few weeks. At Bill’s house this week, the team completed the quarter round in the three bedrooms and the hallway, finished painting the new front door and other trim work, and installed ceramic tile in ...

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