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Promotions and Policy Committee Reports

NOMADS, login and page down to the bottom to read more Committee reports from our Hamburg annual event in late September. 

Haleyville, AL adding RV to size of team beginning Oct 29nd, 2012

Our folks are on site now in Haleyville, and believe we can add one more RV to the size of the teams, beginning Oct 29th, and running through the end of this year.  Please use the signup software and join us there if you can. 

Annual Meeting and Board Reports from Hamburg

We'll begin posting reports from our recent Annual Meeting and also board meeting, from our Chairman and from committee chairpersons as they arrive, in the Member's Area, page down to 2012 Annual Meeting - Hamburg - Reports. 

Two new stories in Testimonials section

NOMADS stories are compelling!  Please click on Testimonials in the left-hand column of this page to read two stories that have been added this fall. 

Fall Disaster Rebuilds ramping up in October

Our Disaster Rebuilding (DR) revolving team projects (RTPs) are set to begin in Haleyville and Cordova, AL, starting October 8th, and the Bastrop, Texas effort begins October 15.  Please pray for the following:   1.  Safe travels for the NOMADS who are going to these projects;  2.  Guidance for the leaders as they deal with the challenges of starting up a DR RTP; and 3.  Open hearts of the homeowners and church who are going to be served by the NOMADS.   May the team members, disaster ...

New Leader Coordinator/Trainer for NOMADS

Jeannie Coe has been our Leader Coordinator/Trainer for the past 6 years.  She has done an outstanding job in that position!  Now she has asked to be relieved of that responsibility.  Your Board of Directors elected Bill Tarbell, immediate past Chairman of the Board of Directors, to fill the position of Leader Coordinator/Trainer.  Please refer all questions regarding leadership to Bill or to the NOMADS office. 

Pe Ell, Washington Newspaper article

The Pacific County Press covered the 2012 NOMADS project for Pe Ell United Methodist Church, in their issue dated June 28th, 2012. Click on this link to read full article:  nomadsumc.s3.amazonaws.com/5C3BA8F16B074573B794C3628F6803EB_WA Pe Ell 2012 newspaper article0001.pdf

Announcement: Disaster Rebuilds in 2013 in Minot, ND and Haleyville, AL

On October 1st, signups will open for two Disaster Rebuilds in 2013.  In Minot, ND, NOMADS will be on site assisting with rebuilding after June 2011 flooding destroyed or damaged almost 5,000 homes, churches and other buildings there. Full details are in the member's area under Disaster Rebuilding.  This project will begin April 22nd, and will run for 19 weeks, through August 29th.  Signups are in one-week increments, up to as many weeks as you like and as available.  The DR project in ...

Board of Directors Leadership announced

For the year ending September 2013, our new Officers on the Board are: Board Chairman - Jerrel Fielder Board Vice-Chairman and Chair-Elect - Cliff Schornick Board Secretary - Perry Hansen Board Treasurer - Ken Aldridge Board Executive Committee At-Large Member - Bob Delcuze Thanks to all our wonderful leadership for their dedication and service to the United Methodist NOMADS!

Congratulations to Alan Brown and Dan Brown, our new Board Members!

Wonderful leadership is clearly evident again with our two newest board members, Alan Brown and Dan Brown.  We're looking forward to having their participation in the direction that the NOMADS organization will take in the future.   

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