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Our agency partners love their NOMADS!

Our hosting agencies evaluate their projects and teams at the end of each project.  As always, we had some wonderful comments from them late in 2017: "This lead couple demonstrated the highest commitment to a cooperative spirit for all the Nomads and for all staff and Board members. The spirit of Christ was evident in their attitude, work and cooperative spirit. The entire group accomplished more than our agency thought possible at the beginning." "This was an excellent team with excellent ...

Article in Northeast Georgian Newspaper

Click on the link below for the article on NOMADS in the Northeast Georgian Newspaper, January 2018 /files/content/www/images/jan+2018+nomads+article+in+northeast+georgian+newspaper.pdf

2019 Project Applications Being Taken

We are currently taking applications for projects through period 5 (April) of 2019.  We also have several remaining slots in our Fall 2018 schedule.  In general, we schedule projects that are at least 6 months out, and up to 15 months into the future.  Please contact the NOMADS office if assistance is needed.  director@nomadsumc.org

Fall Oklahoma DR final report - Dec. 26, 2017

We were able to finish six homes in a five week period. We had some old timers but had five first project ever NOMADS. We got David's flooring and trim finished and new skirting on his trailer. LeAnn got five new windows. Teena and Willie's home got new drywall in four bedrooms and new flooring in the bedrooms and hall. We also redid the skirting on their home. At Angie's home we finished the laminate floor in the living room and hallways and installed the trim in three bedrooms, the hallways ...

NOMADS are Oklahoma's Best Volunteers!

Volunteers are a prized possession!  Though no one ever possesses a volunteer we do possess a love for each and every volunteer that has joined us in our efforts to help Oklahoman’s recover from disaster.  We are grateful for the time your team spent with us and we welcome you back any time.  Please find attached a certificate as our sign of appreciation for what you have done for Oklahoma’s disaster survivors. Thank you! Oklahoma United Methodist Church

Hattiesburg Disaster Rebuilding - December 15, 2017

The last week of the season in Hattiesburg It is hard to believe that we have finished the fall DR project in Hattiesburg.  We have met a lot of people and made friends in the area.  People at church have asked us to come back to visit them.   John has been so helpful and is at the house every day.  He surprised us by bringing pizza and pop for lunch today.  He is grateful for the help we have been able to give him.  His Baptist church is sponsoring this house and John and some of his friends ...

Disaster Rebuilding Continues in Hattiesburg - Dec. 8th report

Hattiesburg  Dec. 4-7 We hope you are able to keep warm with the cool temperatures.  The temps in southern MS have really changed!  Earlier this week it got up to 81, and yesterday and today it was in the low to mid 40’s with a good amount of rain.  There is a winter storm warning for Friday with an expected 1-3 inches of snow.  Our challenge has been working in a house with no heat and no indoor plumbing.  We welcomed the owners of two RVs last weekend.  Kathy Phillips from Florida is looking...

Hattiesburg DR Weekly Report Dec 1, 2017

Monday morning we all went over to Miss Dorothy’s house.  The last NOMADS teams had it almost completed.   This week Les finished the trim, Gene and Carolyn fixed the bathtub, Karen, Sheila, and Carolyn painted doors and touched up paint, as well us caulked where needed.  Carolyn sealed the grout in the laundry room and kitchen.   A group of volunteers put up all of the drywall in the house before the NOMADS arrived.  Unfortunately, they did not put in an opening for one of the heating/cooling ...

Give Thanks

Give Thanks 1 Chronicles 16:34, Oh, give thanks to the Lord, for He is good! (NKJV)   The present tense of “give thanks to the Lord” signifies present times and indicates the need to thank God at all times. This psalm of the writer was a thanks to God for the return of the Ark of the Covenant to Jerusalem. In the midst of the fullness of praise and joy, we are led to prayer in a humble petition for salvation, togetherness and protection from enemies. God's treatment of His chosen people had been...

Senior Times Feature on Gary and Joan Melvin

Check out the recent article on our own Gary and Joan Melvin of Kalamazoo, Michigan, in their local Senior Times magazine. /files/pagefiles/www/nomads+volunteers+melvins+nov+2017.jpg

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